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Just being a parent can be incredibly overwhelming and yet parents are the first role models to their children irrespective of the behavior we demonstrate. We are often caught up in the daily grind of life with our primary focus on providing for our children which often leads us to be quite mindless when interacting with our children.

The earlier parents start modeling mindful behavior the sooner we start teaching our children positive life skills. Ellen Langer, who is a world-renowned researcher on mindfulness, discovered that children who interact with mindless adults tend to devalue themselves.

It is never too late to start. During this interactive and supportive program we cover areas of:

  • Self compassion
  • Raising happy children
  • Parenting anxiety
  • Mindfulness tools and activities

This program is run once a week over a 6 week period with each session lasting around 2 hours.

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The Mindful way is a program designed to help you gain awareness and introduce the practice of Mindfulness into your everyday life. Here we engage in various concepts and practices, which will harness a healthy curiosity around everyday experiences and interactions.

During this very inclusive and practical setting we explore elements such as Mindfulness practices and meditation, which will deepen your platform of gratitude and acceptance and on an even grater scale build your resilience to stress and anxiety.

The program is run over 7 sessions over a period of 7 weeks with each session lasting around 2 hours.

During these sessions we explore practical applications and have active discussions around the weekly topic presented.

Participants will receive weekly homework and tools, which they can use and apply in their lives.

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Big emotions is a big thing for little brains and hearts and often children are not able to process how to deal with this rollercoaster. They are often being told to “be quiet” or “behave” or “stop misbehaving”, but as adults we don't teach them the how to.

This fun and exciting program focuses on giving them the tools they need to build capacity from a young age. It helps them expand their curiosity for self-compassion and acceptance in turn develops an attitude of gratitude and kindness. They become more coherent in articulating their emotions and become more aware of the impact they have on others.

Lets help our kids live healthier, happier lives

Mindful kids is a great way to teach our children essential skils in dealing with:

  • Bullying
  • Stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Focus 
  • Frustration and grounding
  • Self confidence

Our sessions are conducted in a fun interactive way that engages the child on all levels. Sessions can range from bite-sized mindfulness of 15 minutes during school to 45 minutes each over a period of 8 weeks.

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A custom made program especially designed for school teachers. This program will focus on being mindful when dealing with children and bringing mindfulness into the classroom.

Program details coming soon...